~~ God's Love ~~
~~ Pure & Simple ~~

Shining Savior

Shining Savior

When it's yes, and when it's no
Just how far that I should go
If it's right, or if it's wrong
I need you Lord to make me strong!

Where it is that I should go
Who they are that I should know
What to say and what to do
These questions Lord - I'm asking you

I know You'll answer in Your time
Oh please give me Your Peace of mind
About this little situation I have here.

When I feel all lost and alone
Light the path Lord- show me home
Shine through these darkened clouds
and make them clear!

Oh won't You shine on through these clouds
Lord I Know You can shine on through -
Shine on through...these clouds...Thank You!

I love You You know I do
Oh Lord if there's a way
Don't ever let me fall astray
from You again.

I need You I know I do
Don't let the pain I feel
Become so real that I
can't see You anymore.

Lord I want to be like You
So peaceful, Oh so giving
Teach me to be like You
All loving, all forgiving.

When I feel all lost and alone
You light the path Lord
You've always shown me home
And You shine on through the clouds

Lord I can see You shining...
Oh keep on shining...
on through...these clouds...
Shine on through...these clouds....Thank You!

Oh My Lord!
ThankYou Father!
Thank You Jesus!

~ MarieJoy 1976 ~
~~God's Love~~
~~Pure and Simple~~

The Song playing is Place In This World
By Michael W. Smith.

This background was downloaded from In His Image

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